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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Kwik bump

I actually have a sort of tutorial in mind (I sorted something out today while tossing it around with Blue and Spellslipper on the IRC and want to do a run-down on how it gets implemented) but for now this is just to bump this thing and make sure it doesn't disappear ;-)

Anyways, my job is killing me. Its a great job - great kids and all - but some of the lack of support, crappy staffing levels, shitty pay (same award since 1987) and a huge number of other issues (like my section constantly getting all the difficult / challenging kids to deal with) means it is just one nightmare after another. A lot of staff have left and if I was not a newly-wed with a wife to think about, I would be outta there so fast it ain't funny. (Not that Yvy isn't already earning more than me - but then, the CLEANERS at work make more than I do).

Will also post some news on my dad when I find out more. He is having another test tomorrow. At least it looks like he will be well enough to have a knee op that he has been looking forward to (he is in a lot of pain because of his knee). For once, his health might actually improve after that op.


At 7:07 am, Blogger Simple American said...

Hope the surgery works for your dad. My FIL had a knee replacement and he really gets around so much better now. Hard to believe he is 80 sometimes.

You teach for your day job?

At 10:56 am, Blogger ShiningTed said...

I work as a carer at a school for kids with disabilities, looking after the kids before and after school and on weekends.

At least, I did...


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