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Friday, February 01, 2013

Animal Domain

...and we're back. Its been a while!

So I was adding some undead for the new and improved Moathouse Respawn, and of course anyone who's anyone in the undead world can nick your levels. So I was working on trying to get an energy drain effect going, and checking if ToEE had any such thing (yes, I am aware of the sword of life-stealing). Specifically I was checking the manual to see if Energy Drain or Enervation were in the game. Energy Drain is lvl 9, so no, but the lvl 4 Enervation would have been sweet (but its not there :-().

Anyways, while checking the manual's spell lists, I found this:

Animal Domain Spells
1. Calm Animals
2. Hold Animal
3. Dominate Animal
4. Summon Nature’s Ally IV
5. Animal Growth

I read that list, and thought, "Nature's Ally IV must be a brand of lubricant..."

Is that wrong? :-D