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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Slow Train Coming

Ok, I got a bundled phone-&-512kb-ADSL package thing I could live with and signed 'er up.

Phone starts werking tomorrow, but 7-10 days before the modem arrives.


Monday, September 25, 2006


Well, Yvy and I tried wireless broadband. Despite living on the second floor of an apratment building (which is top floor, no less) near the centre of Australia's second city Parramatta, we can't get a decent reception for it. I have managed to log on to the website and get all the way to the credit card page once, despite moving the modem, pointing it in different directions, even moving the pc to a new room:. Spent DAYS at this and have given it up as a lost cause (when I finally did get there I thought, what possible reason could I have for giving these idiots my CC details?). I think wirelss broadband is a bit like first generation mobile phones were - a great idea for the future, but too soon in the technology. (Albeit I am writing this on a PC at work which has a wireless network - but probably it connects to the outside world through a cable).

Anyways, should have something sorted out tomorrow (got a home phone and ADSL bundle lined up) so should be back online preeeetty soon. Haven't been to Co8 lately, hope Gaear is ok.

O and Yvy is going nuts without her blog ;-) Otherwise married life is damn fine 8^D

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Moving Day

Well I am moving into a new place and have to organise new phone, net access etc, so will be offline for a few days.

Be good now!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Old Fashioned Rant

Recently, was playing the Imeryds Run fight (cheated and used Entangle. Meh).

Last dude down was a Barbarian-raging Lizard Man. Just before he died, he whipped across the map and spanked Pishella for 28hp damage: instant kill on the last monster attack [sigh]. Fruella was already dead cause she got swallowed by the behemoth frog and I forgot to stabilise her (I realised my error one round before and had just moved Ronald into position when she died. Oops.)

Anyways, I broke down the damage from the Lizard Man and found this:

PLUS TWENTY TWO STRENGTH BONUS??? Wtf is that? What, raging gives him the equivalent of 50+ strength? "Ooo look at me, I'm stronger than SAINT FUCKING CUTHBERT cause I raged".

Give me a break. Rage is all bonuses - since when do the monsters have to deal with the down side? They rage and spank you, and you either die or kill them. There is no down side for them, only for the party if THEY rage and then have to fight again afterwards.

Remind me to ban Rage from KotB. Come to think of it, St Cuthbert is banned too.