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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ho Hum [sigh]

This is really getting ridiculous. The modem was there Monday morning, but with various other concerns it was late Monday night (after work) before I finally got to have a hack at installing it.

It couldn't sync with the ADSL on the phone line.

So I rang tech support (sounded like someone in India - gee, who'da thunk it?) and they said that my account wasn't set up and I would have to ring Customer Support in the morning. This despite having 3 text messages spamming my mobile during the course of the day claiming my broadband was all set to go.

So next day (Tuesday) I rang customer support and a very helpful lass got the account functioning. But still no ADSL. Back to tech support, who put a fault on the line and said "yeah, we'll try to get lvl 2 support guys onto it tomorrow". (How many XP do u need to become a lvl 2 support guy? You just know their class skills include Bluff). Anyways, I rang customer support again (just to feel like I was accomplishing something) and they comfirmed "the product has been delivered" (probably the same coded message Pyong-Yang got after their nuke tests) and it was all working from their end and it was indeed a tech support problem.

So yesterday about midday I rang tech support again to see how it was going and they said it was actually Telstra's fault, (the main telco here who actually lay the cables etc) and they were working feverishly at it and it was 70% done. Expect ADSL that afternoon, they assured me.

Of course it WASN'T fixed that afternoon, or I wouldn't be sitting here at the work PC writing this.

So in a little while I will head home (it is now Thursday morning here in the future) and I will ring them again and see what happens.

Interesting aside - under the 'Customer service guarantee' thing they sent when I stupidly signed up with these clowns (iPrimus for any Ozzies out there - DON'T USE THEM), they guarantee that if a line fault isn't fixed by next working day, they owe me $12 per day it is down. I hope when I ring up to claim that money that they argue with me - I really do.

PS I am sick to f%*&ing death of my job and really really really want to quit. I believe the term is 'burn-out'.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Two more days!

7-10 days delivery my ass!

Anyways, the ADSL is finally functional (it was connected with the long distance stuff and that is going) and the modem is at the post office waiting for me to head down Monday morning and grab it. So on Monday I will be back online on my own PC - wooohoooo!!!